Wholistic, Therapeutic & Remedial Massage For Addiction Therapy

Wholistic, Therapeutic & Remedial Massage

Wholistic Massage is a blend of practical Therapeutic and
Remedial Massage with the concepts of Wholistic medicine which can be used to treat substance abuse and alcoholism. It is
a synthesis of Eastern and Western healing modalities.
Wholistic Massage is designed to relax tight muscles, soothe the
Nervous System and improve sluggish circulation. Essentially,
these techniques are beneficial for the Whole Body – and the
Whole Person. Wholistic Massage will also improve your immune
system, aide muscle and skin tone, increase your metabolism,
improve blood circulation, help remove toxins, release stress and
tension and produce a state of well-being.Massage certainly feels good but the approach is totally non-sexual
and non-intrusive. As a receiver, you will feel the effects to be
deeply harmonizing and uplifting to your physical-mental-spiritual
self and you will find it is a beneficial part of a total
health-building, life enhancing lifestyle.

Practitioners of Wholistic Massage, have been trained in the structure
and function (Anatomy and Physiology) of the human body, especially in
the musculo-skeletal system and are able to determine if something is
out of kilter and what can be done. They are trained to recognize if
a condition is beyond their scope and needs the attention of a more
qualified practitioner.

With an understanding of how the body works and with the specialized
training in the use of their hands, practitioners are able to determine
where tight muscles and sore spots are and will go ahead and relax the
stressed area as well as to enhance the normal functioning of the
circulation and benefit the whole body.

Wholistic Health is a fast evolving philosophy and practice of
disease prevention and life enhancement. The following is an
outline that is relevant to the practise of Wholistic Massage.

  • The recognition that we are not just tissue & flesh, but there is an
    intelligent Life Force in us that keeps it all together and allows
    our bodies to function as magnificently as they do. This
    Intelligence (not intellect) is also a Healing power and is able to
    repair damaged tissue quickly, provided this is not hindered. It
    is the job of a Wholistic Massage Practitioner to use such
    techniques as will unblock the natural inherent forces and
    stimulate the healing process.
  • More than one approach may be necessary for the Healing
    process; whether physical, nutritional or psycho-emotional. In
    Wholistic Massage we use complementary bodywork techniques
    of oil massage, acupressure, stretching, Reflexology, Polarity
    Vitality Balancing, movement, deep massage and body