Myofascial Trauma Release

Myofascial Trauma Release For Remedial Treatment of Addiction

Every muscle, organ, nerve, bone, vessel and duct in the body
is surrounded by a smooth fascial sheath, every muscular fascicle
is surrounded by fascia, and every microfibril down to the cellular
level is surrounded by fascia. All our cells have an outer fascial
surface, and recent research displays a fascial skeleton in side each
cell providing cellular shape and structure.

Therefore it is the fascia that ultimately determines the length and
function of its muscular component and position of the organs,
including the capacity of the cells to have shape, protection and
structure and for the ability of our blood and fluids to move
unrestricted through the body.

It has also been observed that fascia has electromagnetic properties
which respond to the electrical “noise” in our environment.

The fascia is a tough connective tissue that spreads throughout
the body in a three-dimensional web from head to foot functionally
without interruption. Fascia also allows the body to resist
mechanical stress, both internally and externally.

Malfunction of the fascia system due to trauma, poor posture, or
inflammation can bind down on the body components. It is thought
that this binding down, or restriction, may be the reason many of
the poor or temporary results achieved by conventional medical,
dental and therapeutic treatments occur.

Most of these conditions go undiagnosed, as many of the standard
tests, such as radiographs, myelograms, computerised tomographic
scans, and electromyograms do not show the fascia.

From the day we are born, our body experiences stress and trauma on
a daily basis. Drug and bodywork therapy addresses some of the
effects, but the cause often remains, locked into the memory of the
fascia, waiting to manifest as disorders and disease as stress and
trauma levels rise through daily life.

Myofascial Trauma release therapy is extremely gentle with permanent
results. Myofascial Release therapy dove-tails into a massage session.
The trained therapist works with gentle and slow moves addressing the
fascial tissue. Many of our clients have experienced permanent and fast
release from trauma and stress stored in the body.

Because the cause of the trauma and stress is being addressed, people
may experience fast and lasting relief from the many disorders and
illnesses that can be experienced.